My name is Mahyar Ebrahimivafa. I have studied software engineering and I’ve worked as Software developer and team leader since 2000 in 3 companies, generally have experience in banking and financial systems.

In 2012 I participated in the Scrum course and my journey in agile world began. I started studying about agile and Scrum and at the same time implementing Scrum in my work place. I also passed some agile related exams and received “Professional Scrum Master” (PSMI) and “Certified disciplined agilist” certificates.

Even though my drawing is not so good, I have started making simple short animated videos, in order to express agile topics and concepts. Of course, the language of the videos is Persian, but all of them have English subtitle and can be useful for everyone.

For watching my videos with English subtitle go to my YouTube channel.

I will be happy if you tell me what you think about my videos. I appreciate any comments and suggestions. The best way to contact me is my Gmail account:  mahyar.e.vafa

We can also be contacted via LinkedIn. It is my LinkedIn profile: